What I do

I create websites and applications that meet today's standards for companies large and small.

In addition, I also believe it is important to do my bit for a better world wide web. I do this by continuously improving myself in my knowledge of how to build accessible websites. Remember: The web is for everyone!

I firmly believe in the Girl Scout rule, a principle according to which you should always leave the code you encounter better than you found it.

What can I help you with?

Interim developer

If you can temporarily use an extra hand, you can hire me as an interim front-end developer. I will gladly come and strengthen your team of specialists!

Maintenance contracts

When you have a website (either built by me or by a colleague of mine), it'll have to be maintained! I can help you with that.


Have you hired a company for a new website and do you need someone who can help supervise the construction? I would like to help you out!

Anything else?

Is there something else that you could use my help with?

Contact me!