About me

I was born in 1982 in Groningen. After having lived in Zwolle and Kampen for five years for my studies in Journalism, I moved to Enschede. I have been living there for the past fourteen years, of which the last four with my wife and two cats.

I like to cook (Indian, Mexican, Thai food) and bake (Dutch apple pie!), and even though I don't have much skill at it I like to be creative in all sorts of ways every now and then.

Fronteers ✨

In addition to my work as a front-end developer, I am chairperson of Fronteers, the trade union for Front-end developers in the Netherlands and Belgium. In this role I have put a lot of energy and attention into the association in order to further develop it into a more visible and diverse association. For example, we are more often present as an association at various conferences.

We are now also a member of the W3C, with which we hope to give web developers in the Netherlands, Belgium and beyond a more direct voice in the development of the web. In addition, I would like to welcome more developers (of all sorts!) To Fronteers as front-end developers.

The internet is for everyone. I therefore think it is important that internet productions are made by reflecting society. And so that the atmosphere at companies that make productions is open, constructive and diverse.

Why work with me?

Decades of experience

I have been making productions for the web since I was fourteen years old! This helps me distinguish trends from hypes.


A fine developer can write flashy code, but I believe a good one knows to value and foster empathy and communication skills in themselves.


While you as my client are important, I put your customer first! This is why accessibility is of paramount importance to me.

I know each browser

I know what each browser can handle, and will progressively enhance the user experience with what modern browsers can handle.

I'll help you help yourself

I'd love to update your website for you, but I prefer to help you gain the confidence and skill so you can do it yourself - and enjoy it too!

Mobile first

I optimize websites for speed, content and ease of use by building them according to the 'mobile first' philosophy.